Action follows realisation

The logical consequence was TerraPretaVitis. The combining of the biomass which is automatically produced at the vineyard (grape pulp, cuttings from bushes and trees, grass from the slopes etc. ….) with the huge amount of vine root stock that accumulates annually, forms the basis for working the soil and is the key to sustainable wine growing.

Wood carburettor: it’s nothing new!
Contrary to the common practice of heating vine root stock, these are pyrolised in a wood carburettor, the resulting pyrolysis gas is used to produce energy and the remaining wood charcoal is introduced into the carbon cycle in the soil. 

The advantages of TerraPretaVitis:

Firstly, it is the careful composting of „Bio-waste“ with the wood charcoal that turns this base material into such valuable black earth.
The advantages are many ranging from the provision of food and nesting for ground fauna to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the soil right up to a better water storage capacity and the build up of humus!

Our Vision:

    • Fine wine from living soil
    • Adaptation of the processes going forward, to achieve a good CO2 balance.
    • Climate neutral viticulture without facilitating indulgences by the purchase of CO2 certifcates.
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